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Bozhou the pest control co., LTD., registered capital of ErBai ten thousand,Is a professional engaged in creating health city、Cleaning and sanitation、Mosquitoes、Flies、The rat、Vector creatures such as bombs to kill and control、Pesticides machinery into an integrated wholePC0Enterprise。

Bozhou the pest control co., LTD. Is a 16 years ago by the city of bozhou qiaocheng district NPHCC prose“Qiaocheng district NPHCC anti-pest”Kill the implementation of technical guidance service and organization members,The company also hired a provincial news and vector biological prevention experts consultant each one,All the year round for professional and technical training and guidance to the company,Has a senior professional and technical personnel3Name,Intermediate professional and technical personnel2Name,Junior specialized technical personnel3Name,Employees16Name。Over the years,The company not only bear the and this region...