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Has been to wuhan1587A building dish
9735A family provides11218A solution,
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1The new20Years,Carefully build good home》

The kitchen new product


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The life in the kitchen

Industrial wind is coming,The little fresh fuel

TVBIn the life into reality

Beverly hills of light and decoration is closer to you

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The wardrobe


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Experts for favorite room

Some people have a lot of clothes,Others are not that much。Some people have a lot of space,Others are not that much。To do this,We launched for your bedroom storage solution,Into your space and the increasing of clothing design

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All custom


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The whole house custom series

Tailor Meet the demand of different personality

Refused to stand still,Make full use of

Work space,The reasonable design every Angle

Fall,Customize the right way of life!

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1The new20Years,Carefully build good home
1The new20Years,Carefully build good home
5Custom furniture section
5Custom furniture section
1The new spring residential section
1The new spring residential section
Customization strategySTRATEGY+ More and more

01There are tricks small kitchen is received Let a space big up greatly..

The kitchen is decorated,Should first pay attention to its function completeness is comfortable and convenient operation and relaxed and clean again visual small family kitchen more attention should be paid to receive through effective design of eat hutch renovation design methods such as the most..

02I have the wine,Do you have any story?

Night to day to snow,Can drink a cup of no?

03This winter is to kei igawa kei igawa……

“Sleep in the bed is sweet,The bed is outside the distance,The hand's reach is exile,On a toilet is on a business trip to the remote frontier...”Winter is aboveboard serious curtilage!Have a good bedroom,I am willing to house..

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