“The mianyang Youth is not—Jiangyou tourism came into the college”Good and wonderful love valley in one hundred

3Month13To the day17Day,Sponsored by the mianyang city tourism development committee,Mianyang city states、Sea area、Fucheng district、Swimming area、Jiangyou、In beichuan county、Yanting、Zitong、Santai、To undertake the bureau of pingwu county,Sichuan news net culture tourist center、Sichuan union execution of tourism colleges and universities“The mianyang Youth is not——Mianyang roadshow tourism colleges and universities”Five universities in chengdu。14Day at noon by jiangyou brigade committee…



Beauty around:2017The trip to miss tourism jiangyou——Into the valley of love

2017Years3Month9Jiangyou poem township tourism festival——The fifth village cultural tourism festival opening ceremony will be good love valley was held in one hundred。At the appointed time2017Of Chinese traveling young lady will be into the valley of love view and admire the beautiful scenery。3Month9Since the end of the day tourism festival opening ceremony,City federation of Chinese traveling young lady and invited all the photographers' association photographer cruise valley of love together,Viewing the lily、Lily、Taste the lily feast。Flowers…



Meet the valley of love,Taste in China

2017Meet love valley of taste China one hundred good luck in love play strategy and disturbance:



One hundred good close love valley and countriesAAAAScenic area in the province

11Month30Day,Sichuan province tourism standard evaluation committee expert three-phase line to mianyang, jiangyou one hundred well in the valley of love,For good love valley in one hundred countriesAAAAReview on site acceptance level traveling scenic area work。Mianyang city tourism bureau deputy director Fu Bangjie、Jiangyou business bureau leaders including Yu Yongge accompanied by inspection,Jiang agricultural tourism development co., LTD., chairman of pinus tabulaeformis ridge XiangDeSheng、The scenic area operations vice President…



The truth Enthusiastic The beautiful scenery,Under the banner of a new chapter of service

2016Years11Month10Day,The town of red star sport kindergarten teacher sent a banner,Embroidered“Department of preschool education、But a macro lund”Words of to the visitor center,To express gratitude for the scenic spot。Small make up immediately find relevant departments to know the situation,And a reduction of the whole event:11Month4Day,Town red star sport kindergarten students and their parents to the scenic spot parent-child activities organization,The scenic area tourist service center work…

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