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Liao ribs eight unique advantages
One advantage:The old brand Reputation spread
Advantage 2:Patented technology National secrecy
Three advantage:Special award plaque The rare in the country
Advantage four:Aged old bittern Has a long history
The advantage of five:Sichuan spiced food Investment optimization
The advantage of six:Innovation management Controllability is strong
The advantage of seven:Senior chain The government permission
Advantage eight:The entire counseling Resident support

      Liao Shi family in mianyang, sichuan hot brine technology has explicitly specify the time began in the qianlong period。According to liao family genealogy records:Liao,After the novel Wang Zibo liao,Fujian ushita through(Now the south of fujian),C Calvin years into the genera(1736Years),Fucheng in the northwest(This stone horse town)To build the temple squire(1713Years—1796Years)Light face,Good bittern;WuYinNian,Qianlong twenty-three years(1758Years)Into the palace is board supervisor board,Original creation“Smoked halide vapor”Collection technology and plastic formula of the crown court。Qianlong 24 to 28 years《Meat DeDang as usual》Common their masterpiece“Red halide pigeon breast”The recorded;After,Qianlong southern China,In pursuit of yangzhou,Officials and drive along the bearing“Man-han banquet”,“Red halide pigeon breast”In attendance。From《County annals·Diet》

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